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"Janet's report and course has given me such a feeling of freedom and more time to spend with my two small children. Janet was the motivation that I needed and I would NEVER have done this if it hadn't been for her. I am just about to tackle the computer room paper piles. I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate her and what she does. I feel like such a burden has been lifted from my shoulders with the tools that Janet has given me."

--Antoinette Finizio
Homemaker in New Jersey

"Janet, Thank you for the great information in “What Paperwork Do I REALLY Need to Keep.” I put your practical advice into action right away. I can now help my clients make better decisions about what to keep and for how long, and most importantly, know why to keep it in the first place! You saved me hours and hours of research time! Thanks so much!”

--Aby Garvey
Organizing Consultant in IL

"I Got LOTS of Things Organized in My Life Using Your 5 W's of Organizing, a TEASER and a TICKLE!©"

"Janet, You covered just what I need and I thought the course was just great. I know that many people will get lots of mileage out of such a course."

--Norma Fitzpatrick, Homeowner in Maryland

"Absolutely Easy to Use Info"

"I kept my cancelled checks for 10 years because my mom said to and whose file cabinet was considered the "Bermuda triangle"! Well, no more!!! I had checks from 1982! And the deposit slips! Well it took me three days but I shredded paper, threw out paper, and recycled paper! Cleaned out the closet and the file cabinet, got rid of an "extra" desk, and cleared off the walls (which I had been using as a bulletin board)! Bottom line - I can find anything and everything in my home office now because of Janet's program!"

-- Phyllis Glenn
Home Owner and Business Owner in MD

What is a Tickler File?

A TICKLER file system is a dated filing system that eliminates the piles, files, lists, and forgetfulness that clutter up your life. The system consists of 43 slots: one slot for each month, labeled January-December and slots for each day of the "current" month, labeled 1-30/31.

This action-dated filing system will "tickle" you to remember important phone calls you need to make, letters you need to send, gifts or cards you need to buy, information you need to respond to, pass along or take action on. This is your "safe" place where you would file, and make sure things are where you can find them when needed, (and a place that will replace office in/out boxes and piles on your desk, counter tops, surface areas and floor), such things as:

  • Bills: So you stop being charged late fees
  • Coupons: So you stop losing money and  missing out on sales!
  • Vacation Plans: travel and event tickets, contact information, itineraries, travel checklists, pet / kennel information
  • Special Events: Registration information and directions to the event.
  • Children's Events: Directions, card, RSVP's
  • Birthday Parties: Directions and RSVP's
  • Doctor Appointments: Tests, test results and questions to take to appointment
  • Cards: To be mailed or given for birthday, anniversary, holidays and special occasions
  • Receipts: To save for up to four months in case of return of defect - check warranty or store policy before saving receipts.
  • Tickets: Games, Plays, Concerts with directions
  • Claim Stubs: Things to be picked up (dry cleaning, developed film, prescriptions.)

"The tickler is working well.  I sometimes forget to check it, but it is the perfect place for me to put all of the things that will be needed in the future and I'm bound to lose otherwise.  It has worked great for directions to birthday parties.  Those were forever getting lost before the tickler."
 --J. Scruggs, Homeowner and Mom in MD

More successful people are using the hard-to-find Letter-Sized, Indexed Dated Filing System, manufactured by Globe-Weis®, than any other tickler file system I know of. Thanks to a special arrangement with the manufacturer, OverHall Consulting has obtained a steady supply of this unique yet sometimes "hard to find" dated filing system that has not just the days of the month, 1 thru 30/31, yet also the months of the year, January thru December, all in one easy to use place!

This open-ended accordion-style dated filing system keeps all your ACT ON and important information together, saving you time, money, energy and space. Stand your TICKLER system up in a desktop holder or place it in a hanging folder in your file drawer. And this TICKLER file has reinforced tabs and heavyweight pages that withstand constant daily use. Plus a poly-coated cover, that protects against spills that could damage important documents.

If your home is bombarded with papers, notes, phone messages, flyers, coupons, mail and all the other "stuff" you get and NEED to keep track of; and at the end of every week, your refrigerator, your bulletin board, your desktop, your floor or your countertops look like paper quilts, then it's time you got and used a tickler file!

Join the MILLIONS of successful people that have harnessed the immense power of the secret organizing, productivity, "and thank you for helping me keep my sanity" tool that helps them "jog" their memory and keep track of important information — so they are always making the most of their time and keeping them organized and sane! And you can be just like them too!


I want to put this secret weapon of paper clutter control and productivity assistance
to work for ME!

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I guarantee you that once you begin to put this secret weapon to use in your life, you will find yourself easily — and effortlessly — keeping track of the things that are important to you and you'll stop wasting endless hours frantically looking for things...

... Now, when you order your tickler file and use it, your stress and overwhelm will begin to melt away because you will be assured and KNOW your important paper work is in a safe place ... A Tickler File Place ... that will give you a "tickle" everyday when you look inside or put something in it!

US Order - $43
Free Shipping
Canada Order - $58
Overseas Order - $80


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